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Emergency Garage Door Repair

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Garage door failure usually happens when you need your car the most and you’re already late. Aside from wasting your valuable time, a failing garage door can create an inconvenience and a security risk to your property. The good news is: you don’t have to wait for garage door repair. We understand how big of an emergency it can be. That’s why Prestige Doors provides 24/7 garage door repair. We’ll send out an experienced specialist who can analyze, advice, and repair on your timeline. No time of day is too early or late—we are on call to help you out of any jam. Your quick fix is to give us a call the moment you realize there’s a problem, and it could be out of your hair before you get back from work or the grocery store.

There are lots of potential reasons why your garage door might not be working properly, and plenty of those reasons can happen overnight or in conjunction with bad weather. Extreme cold and lightning storms can both be harmful to the components of a well-functioning garage door. Maybe you can identify the problem straightaway but you need an expert technician to fix or replace the problem. Some problems that garage doors present can be frustratingly enigmatic. Prestige Doors can help with almost any problem you could be experiencing, including:


Broken Springs

If you heard a bang overnight from your garage, it could have been the tension of your garage door causing your torsion spring to break. We’ve got expertise in torsion and extension springs and can repair any of these for you. We strongly advise against attempting this dangerous repair by yourself. A broken spring can completely incapacitate a garage door. Call a professional immediately. We can ensure a prompt repair and a quality replacement spring. This repair is especially urgent because of the now volatile components and possible security risk. It could also mean that your car might be stuck in the garage. This is a common repair and Prestige Doors can do it whenever you need us.


Malfunctioning Openers

Is there a problem with your remote or wall opener? Once you’ve checked the batteries, give us a call. It could be bad wiring in the wall opener or something wrong with your transmitter, both of which we can fix and replace in no time. A faulty opener can be a big problem, particularly if you don’t have another way into the garage. An opener that’s functioning erratically could also be a sign of electrical damage. If you don’t have the time to troubleshoot, let Prestige Doors identify the problem quickly and replace the problem components.


Electrical Damage

Electrical damage could be caused by a few different things, including bad wiring or a lightning strike. An estimated 200 homes are struck by lightning every year. We can isolate the problem and ensure a quick repair. Again, it may seem obvious, but we stress that no one should try to repair any electrical damage themselves unless they have had the proper training. To attempt to repair electrical damage could be extremely dangerous and can cause even more damage to the property. Your garage door may have experienced electrical damage if you notice the door opening and closing unpredictably, the remote failing to work, the safety lights on the sensors unlit, or the light on the back of the circuit board blinking. If you notice any of these, consider calling Prestige Doors. We’ll give you an experienced analysis and advise you along the best path.  We can take a big problem off your hands and get your garage door working again.


Strange Noises

Garage door malfunction often comes along with strange noises. We know what those grinding or whirring noises are trying to signal and we can solve them 24/7. Rusty hinges that need oil or replacement could trigger a squeaking noise. A grinding noise could be a problem with the gears, which is more serious. Any repairs to the inner components of the garage will require a disconnecting of the main unit from electrical connection and should be done by a professional. Unusual Noises coming from the components of your garage door will result in a bigger problem if ignored. They are the gears and hinges trying to alert you to an upcoming problem. Let us translate what your garage is trying to tell you.


Track & Roller Complications

Track and roller malfunction is quite a common complaint. This could be the reason for the garage door’s failure to close all the way, the door’s slanted closure, or its failure to close at all. If you spot gaps between the track and the roller, it needs an adjustment. If it’s making any unusual noises, we can help identify what they mean. We can get the rollers back on track or advise you in your best option, and we can do it in time for you to get back to your life.


Sensor Misalignment or Malfunction

Sensors are an important part of your door’s everyday utility. Malfunctioning sensors can be dangerous and will prevent your door from working properly. Dirty or misaligned sensors could be causing your door to stay closed when you want it to open. Check first that they are cleaned well and that there is nothing blocking the infra-red light that the two sensors send to each other. If you’ve done that and the sensors are still not functioning correctly, give us a call. You may need new sensors or there could be another contributing problem. We’ll get your sensors working and aligned properly in no time.


Surface Damage

Whether cosmetic damage was the fault of a storm, vehicle contact, vandalism, or another annoyance, we can fix surface damage to your garage door quickly, 24 hours a day. We repair and replace panels, cracks, and small holes, and we can recommend the best fix for storm damage. Sometimes cosmetic damage signals a bigger structural problem. We can identify whether there’s any serious action you should take to ensure the security and proper function of your garage door components.