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Garage Door Installation

New Garage Door Installation

If you’re considering a new garage door in the Greater Toronto Area, call on Prestige Doors for reasonable, safe, and quality installation. We sell a variety of superior styles and materials for residential and commercial garages, and we offer a range of reasonable prices. We will send an experienced specialist to install your new door for a competitive price at a time that is convenient for you. Prestige Doors employs quality specialists with customer service in mind. Let us get excited about your new project and improve the face of your home; we love to see homes and businesses transformed. Check out our site for a free online consultation form and, as always, 24/7 quality emergency repair service.



Choosing a garage door is not just a matter of aesthetics; it’s a matter of security. You wouldn’t skimp on your locks or doors—don’t allow your garage door to be the weakest point of security in your home or business. Home garages are a common break-in point that home-owners often overlook. Don’t put your home or property at risk—talk with us today about quality, protection, and security. Prestige Doors is dedicated to your security and your satisfaction. We can answer your questions about protecting your home and property from the elements and from outside intrusion. Our wide-ranging selection for residential and commercial garages will give you the options you need to make an informed decision. Whether you know nothing or everything about shopping for garage doors, we will give you several options in style, material, insulation type, warranty, and price. You can rely on our trustworthy team of service people who will advise you on the right door to fit your security needs and your budget.


Easy Installation

Once you’ve found a door that’s perfect for your garage, what’s next? Leave it to us. We’ll take the hassle out of installing your brand new door and uninstall your old door for you. Prestige doors can make sure all the equipment that goes along with your new door is set up to work efficiently for your home or business. That means we’ll calibrate everything to coordinate together, we’ll install the door, the remotes, wall openers, keypads, and anything else you need for a long-lasting, great-working garage door. When we install your new door, we will start by uninstalling your previous door by removing the springs and taking the door apart panel by panel. After that, we’ll install all the necessary rollers, tracks, hinges, brackets, panels, and electrical equipment necessary to make your garage work perfectly. We’ll test it out to make sure it’s running smoothly, and then when we’re done, we’ll hand you the remote. Just like that, a secure, beautiful garage is yours for the using. Our work doesn’t end there—we’ll be on call 24/7 with any questions or concerns you have about your new door. Even experienced DIYers recommend that this job belongs to professionals, and that’s why we’re here for you. A garage door is made up of lots of dangerous components. Don’t sacrifice your well-being and stress, let us take this job off your hands. We promise a job well done.


Customer Service

After the sale and installation of your door, we will continue to provide impeccable customer service and answer any concerns that may arise. We will be on standby with our offered 24/7 emergency repair service in the case you notice anything out of the ordinary. We pride ourselves on treating customers with utmost care and respect. Our reputation around the Greater Toronto Area is based on quality and integrity. We pride ourselves in working to keep up with new innovations and technology in garage door installation and repair, and we’ll apply that hard work to your project. Our team is hard-working, reliable, and local. We would love to hear from you about your experience with us. We never rest to provide better customer service. Greater Toronto calls on us for integrity. It’s good practice to have our number in your phone when extreme weather comes around every season. Lots of home and business owners get a check-up to their garage components before extreme weather to avoid any last minute emergencies that could disrupt busy lives and business. Our goal is to serve you.


A New Garage Door

Whether you’re building a new house, replacing an old door, or updating the face of your company, buying and installing a garage door has never been easier. If you have an older house and are considering renovating, a garage door is a great place to start to improve the value of your home. You’d be surprised at the way a new garage door can make an older home look modern and fresh. Our quality offers at low prices will give you an opportunity to save money while you update your style. New garage doors are also much safer and easier to use than the garage doors of previous decades. If security is a question in your home or business, why risk it? If you have a family, don’t allow an older door to compromise your safety. Your home and property are worth your peace of mind. Browse our website for some models that might renew your home, or give us a call, tell us about your priorities, and let us suggest some quality options.


Your New Home or Business

We all use our garage doors several times a day, yet we expect them to be working flawlessly. Your garage may be your sanctuary, your workshop, or your security. Show the right amount of attention to your garage and it will become a place of stability. Whether your priorities are security, aesthetics, or safety, we can give you what you need within your budget. How will a new garage door improve your home or commercial space? Find out by giving Prestige Doors a call or browsing our website for your new door. We’re reliable, we care about you, and we know everything there is to know about garage doors. Make your next project count—start with us.