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Garage Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door failure always comes at a bad time. That’s why we have an expert standing by 24/7 to help you when you need it the most. We all love our automatic garage doors when they help us avoid the freezing cold of Canada’s winters, but inevitably comes that dreaded moment when one cold morning, the door doesn’t work properly. Weather can be just as hard on a garage door as it is on us, and there could be a long list of reasons that your garage door won’t open. There are many symptoms that come with garage door opener failure and all of them are trying to tell you something. Check out our information to help figure out whether you need professional help when it comes to fixing that garage door.

First of all, let’s narrow it down: do any of these sound familiar?


Remote Control Malfunction

You’re pressing the button and nothing is happening. The first thing is to check if your remote is out of batteries. Replace those if necessary—the battery will depend on the model of your remote. If you’ve replaced the battery and the remote still isn’t doing the job, we recommend you replace the remote itself instead of trying to fix it. Give us a call to replace the remote or call the company that originally sold you the door.

Wall Button Malfunction

If the wall button used to open the garage door isn’t working, it may be due to bad wiring behind the switch or simply a worn out wall opener. In either case, we can replace the wiring or the wall switch quickly and easily.

Flashing Warning Lights

Flashing lights come with most models of garage doors to warn you when something is about to go wrong. The lights could be flashing for lots of reasons, the most common of which is an obstruction of the safety sensors. If you can’t see any obvious obstruction of the sensor in the garage, give us a call and we can run some checks through the other reasons these lights might be flashing. The lights may also be flashing because the lock switch has been accidentally initiated. If you have checked the lock and that’s not the problem, call professionals immediately. The lights could be signaling a safety issue that should be taken care of immediately.

Strange Noises

Any unusual noises coming from the door or any of the machinery could be signaling a possibly serious problem with the garage door. Call professionals immediately—your garage is trying to tell your something, and the results of waiting could be dangerous and costly. The more a garage door is opened or closed under unusual strain, the more likely something could happen to potentially hurt someone or damage property. Sometimes homeowners hear a whirring noise along with a non-responsive door. This could be a problem with the capacitor, the trolley, or the chain. We can help you get to the bottom of which one of these might be causing the real problem.

Lightning Damage

Damage from lightning can wreak havoc on the electrical contents of your garage. The only thing that can be done about damaged electrical components is a thorough assessment to analyze and isolate the problem before you replace the faulty part.

Sensor Failure

Sometimes those all-important sensors on either side of the garage door get misaligned or dirty. If you troubleshoot a bit and still can’t get them to function properly, we highly recommend that you call us immediately. Sensors are important for obvious reasons and the garage door will not function probably without them. A garage door without properly working sensors is dangerous.

Problems with the Track & Rollers

Maybe you can see clearly that the rollers are misaligned and not rolling properly. This could also be the culprit for unsteady closing or opening. If you can see a gap between the track and the roller, the garage door will not function properly. In this case, the problem will only get worse over time because of the weight of the door. You’d be surprised how many people try to run a garage door with this problem, hoping it will fix itself. Again, this problem can become dangerous quickly. We highly recommend that you call for help as soon as you notice a strange noise or unusual running of the rollers.

Phantom Opening and Closing

This problem can actually create a security threat for your home. If your garage door is opening or closing on its own, it’s not a ghost living in your garage. The real culprit is probably the transmitter. Locate all of your remotes and make sure they’re not being set off by some weight (not surprisingly, dogs and kids are often to blame). If you’ve located the transmitters and they’re all safely out of the hands of toddlers, the problem could be your neighbor’s transmitter interacting with the frequencies of your opener. We can adjust this for you.

The Garage Only Closes Part of the Way

If your garage door is only closing part of the way, the obvious thing would be to check whether anything is in the way of the door. The sensors’ job is to make sure the garage door never closes on anything or anyone. Once you’ve made sure that area is clear and the sensors are clean and aligned properly, check the tracks for dirt and oil. If there is a disruption on the tracks, the garage door may close until it encounters the debris and then open back up as if there is something in its way. Clean the tracks and clear them of all disruption. If the malfunction continues, give us a call.

The Garage Door Falls Closed

This is an extremely serious problem—your garage door weighs about 300 pounds and could seriously injure a person in its path. It could also damage property. The problem could be in the cables or the spring, but both require professional expertise. We can solve this problem for you, day or night.

If you think you need professional help, consider Prestige Doors. We’re prepared to help you at the very second you need us most. We’ll get the job done quickly and take care of whatever the problem is before it gets bigger.